Kindergarten convention mandates candy for every meal

To the surprise of apruebo voters everywhere… :astonished:
To no surprise at all by rechazo voters everywhere… :person_facepalming:

But relax, this is the best news. It is going to be okay. The kindergarten convention has been given enough rope to hang themselves and they cannot do it fast enough. What do you know…narcissism and its built in self destructive tendencies are helping end this nonsense.

Bottom line: The current constitution is not only going to stay in force, it will be enshrined for generations…because of the illconcieved churn brought on by this exhausting multiyear exercise and ultimate failure.

Does this photo inspire hope, trust, and confidence or does it inspire hope, trust, and confidence?

BUT only 1/3 of Chile is paying attention to what has been happening in the circus convention. Even though a recent poll shows forty something against thirty three for (WTF planet are they from? … yeah de los simios), there is another twenty something percent that don’t know (again, WTF?).

Thus the reason they are now pushing for 16 year olds to vote in November. They are also trying to change the vote date to … September 11.

Of course, the world will be very different by November with the cost of living in the nubes and many again pissed off at the entire ruling class from the commies to UDI.

More of the same…

I read In another poll that more than half of those interviewed didn’t know there was a compulsory exit vote. I’ve given up with this country.

Ive given up on this “cant do well, cant be well, even if I get what I ask for its still not well” dead end mentality that insists on reshaping reality through the lens of unicorn glasses. Ive given up on those that keep pushing ideas that have a 100% record of abject wholesale historical failure yet expecting success “this time”.
To be clear I am speaking of the overly vocal minority that give us setback after setback in this country.

But still imo in terms of physical location…this is still a better place to be…such as it is and that is saying something

Europe? Bahhahaa…who is thinking of moving to europe right now while it is at war??? :crazy_face:
Man im so glad we didnt move there in 2019…what an epic mistake that would have turned out to be.

US/Canada Bahahaha…some people that bailed last year are back in Chile. They thought it was bad here and better there. Then 2022 showed up

Asia/Australia? I don’t know maybe Thailand/Maylasia? But cmon whos going to go live there who has been living here from this community? Probably not more than 1 or 2 if that or they would already be living there

The world is a total wreck right now.

The only place I could even begin to consider is still south america in this crazy climate. Every other western country that in 2018 or 2019 seemed like an alluring alternative has gone to zero either from their own mindless and ignorant government or from their physical location standpoint in the context of war

Good read. Thanks for sharing.