New Year Predictions

The media start telling the truth…

Next prediction. After more than two years of tragic injustice for healthy people an investigation will been launched and the “relevant” will be severely punished.

Next prediction. Valparaiso will be clean, safe, and of course full of rose gardens…

As if contains no rainbows and unicorns, very believable.

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what are your thoughts on Dmitry Medvedev 's predictions that the US will have a civil war and break into pieces and Musk will lead one side? I read it on RT.

I think he was trolling and making fun of the people who make predictions or are blind to their own blindness (like the US Empire and WEF elite) but he is correct as I know the US will one day have a real violent civil war 2, as always, just a matter of when.

Breaking up the USA into pieces has always been on the agenda. Back in the 80’s when I obtained my degree in Geography, I do recall the popularity of the book The 9 Nations of North America. A lot has been expanded on that topic since then and as a Canadian, you will not be left out as we are talking about the fusion of Canada/US/Mexico as a continent of new regions.

and I always thought a goal of the US was to fragment Canada and incorporate provinces like Alberta and BC into the US giving it easier access to Alaska

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El espíritu de 2023: Si un año fuera una persona.