CADEM poll opinions

OK, yes, this is a bipolar country and swings wildly and erratically, so these results are to be viewed as ephemeral at best.

August 2023 CADEM poll results.

Performance of President Boric, aka El Merluzo, stands at 28 percent approval and 67 percent disapproval.

If the constitutional plebiscite were held today, CADEM poll suggests that only 24% would vote in favor and 56% against it, with 20% having no fooking idea.

For rating the government’s response to the recent severe storms and flooding, only 33% approve while only 31% would agree that the government’s response was timely.

From the Who’s Your Daddy Department:

The CADEM polls attempt to quantify citizen confidence in the country’s principal institutions. So in this poll we see that the prize goes to Bomberos, with 99% approval.

And support of Carabineros at 89%. will surprise only those who read the leftist English language rags like The Guardian or CNN. This isn’t an expression of approval of the actual performance of the Pacos, of course. More of a sympathy vote.

Next in line for citizen approval are the country’s armed forces, at 73%.

“The media” in Chile get 52%.

89% to police and other figures you quote on specific institutions was a specific question as to how the institutions like the police and media have handled emergencies like the fires and floods. It isn´t about the general confidence level in the institutions, although that has been dealt with in earlier CADEM surveys if you go back and look.

Thank you [Mendoza] for the correction and clarification.

The actual question was "Evaluación personas e instituciones frente a emergencias–
En general, ¿Usted aprueba o desaprueba la forma en que están actuando las siguientes instituciones y personas frente a los incendios?