Boric on "vacation", a tale of nearly ruining mine

Two weeks ago I was deciding between January 16th and 19th or the 23rd to 26th for my stay at the expensive all-inclusive Hotel Termas Puyehue Wellness and Spa Resort. I chose the former assuming that the 20th would kick off the first mass turno of vacationing Chileans.

On the 20th, guess what? Burric announces his “vacation” to where…yep!! Though not announced as his lodging, there really is no place setup to cater to his caviar communist sensibilities in Puyehue except that one resort. Also for security and isolation from the mass media, there is no other choice IMO.

He might even be in our room on the 5th floor of the newest section with perhaps the best view of the gardens and lake in the distance. They could easily commander the 4 rooms on that wing which has double doors to secure each end and is close to the elevator.

Just my story of the day.

An additional tidbit, on the 18th my wife was relaxing in front of the large fireplace in the main section of the resort while I was upstairs in the bowling alley bar getting a schop (actually downed a quick 2 unfiltered dark lager from Bariloche) as the downstairs bar was overwhelmed with orders for the already underway dinner service. In her semi-conscious, near-sleep state, she saw a person walk by that she identified as Boric. Not the first time she’s had what we joke about in regards to her latent brujería powers.

A su vez, comentó que “todos necesitan respirar otro aire, pensar o leer y en esto estoy”. Sin embargo agregó que “en estos cargos uno nunca deja de trabajar, pero ahora en otro ambiente y con lago cerca, espero”.

Most people are probably scratching their heads trying to figure out when he started working.

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And, now he’s going on vacation again. Poor boy president must be stressed.