A reprieve for Piñera

The International Penal Court in The Hague has rejected opening an investigation into Human Rights crimes allegedly committed by president Piñera in the events post 18-O. The opinion is that the accusations are unfounded.

While that may be a reprieve for Piñera personally, the damage is already done. His fear of those accusations was directly responsible for the government’s cowardly response to the grave public order incidents that continue to this day.

The weaponization of Human Rights by the left combined with the unremitting propaganda efforts of fellow-travelling journalists have proved (yet again) to be very effective arms to club their opponents with, and have been adopted by all participants, right down to the assesino - torturador - violador messages graffitied on any available surface by the lumpen. Its all lies!


Everything is a human right crime these days. When VTR does not work that too is labeled as such anymore.

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Gabriel Boric lamented that decision.

“…we witnessed how Sebastián Piñera declared war against his own people…”

This reader’s comment from that same article says it all:

They want Piñera humiliated and behind bars. Or dead, as in the following post. And others who don’t think as they do. Communism, plain and simple.

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A footnote from Boric’s close of campaign show:

" Que se muera Kast y Piñera"

It’s art according to Izkia.

what commies think

what commies think 2

And in case you had forgotten, they still want to lock Piñera up, or worse. Note the presupposition of guilt. Would he get a fair trial if it ever got to that stage? Not a chance.

Oh yeah…reminds me of the times when stuff is coming out of someones mouth and I am trying with every fiber of my being to not claw out my own eyes just to stuff them in my own ears.

How long until tables are turned on Boric? When the rope starts to let out and he can run this way and that way and then he wakes up reading an article that Boric must be imprisoned or worse.
Then finally he will have gotten his little cap and gown from the kindergarten teacher. Good for him…he might have learned something substantive and true by that point and be ashamed of himself

Bad for us because we will all just still be waylaid waiting around for children to graduate.

That be some overpaid kiddies learning on the job with a sky-high rest of the life pension after booted/graduation. The joke really is on us.