¡Plop! went Boric

Going the rounds is an anecdotal account of a government meeting in La Moneda including Boric and among others, the Director General of the PDI.
Apparently Boric was annoyed over that leak of a phone conversation between a government minister and Hector LLaitul, and accused the PDI.

The PDI DG replied:

“…le dijo que ellos no habían filtrado nada y que él podía dar fe de eso y que la filtración venía desde la fiscalía y desde ahí había salido la información y que eso había originado todo lo demás.”

Boric replied threateningly:

‘Yo espero que lo que usted está diciendo sea cierto, porque de lo contrario usted va a sufrir consecuencias muy graves’.

To which the PDI DG declared:

'No, no presidente, no se preocupe, si es real lo que yo le estoy indicando, porque si se tratara de sacar a la luz alguna información que comprometiera al gobierno, lo que nosotros podríamos sacar son las transcripciones de las conversaciones de muchos de los políticos que hoy día ocupan su cartera, previo a los días del estallido social, cómo se realizaron las coordinaciones y cómo se coordinó todo para que el estallido se desarrollara como se desarrolló’.

Boric’s reaction:


And not even the alternate media is reporting on this.

The bad blood goes back to the beginning of his Presidency where he intentionally ignored the PDI head (this in front of the MSM cameras) while greeting other members of the government like the FFAA heads.

And I always thought there was something much more behind the patio-like “we are at war” and other paranoid-like statements from Piñera in the first days after 18O.

Then there was the recent war of words with Bolso who dared Boric to continue challenging his accusations which Boric knows is probably supported by damning evidence from Brasil’s vastly superior to Chile’s intelligence agencies.

Nobody ever accused Piñera of being dumb; that statement reflected the truth. But given the cowardly lack of solidarity by his own supposed allies, and concerted attacks from all sides, he quickly changed his tune to cope with the adverse circumstances.