Ante las elecciones en Chile, es hora de llamar al fascismo por su nombre

That’s the title of this piece from the distorting mirror of the international press, this time the Washington Post.

Its a real hatchet job on Kast. Most of the readers comments appear to share this view. Afaic, its a “piece” all right.

Ever since the war on terror and Bezos, the WaPo has been suspect as being a fully coopted CIA operation.

So my it is about China and dollar hegemony theory may be correct.

Think your’e looking too deeply, ee. I think that its just a last-minute addition to the international Kast smear campaign.

Its curious how ex presidential Candidate Jadue’s antisemitism is never mentioned by any of the progressive mouthpieces. And this commie is projected to be the Interior Minister in a Boric government. I find that prospect worrying.


Yeah, everyone seems to not focus that a Boric admin essentially means Jadue in the most powerful position after the President (great puppet master positioning) and the whole slew of characters of Teillier and Co. in other top positions.

The international left narrative media, can you know…go


Jadue has stood up for Palestinians. Also, someone else wrote in his yearbook that some jokes about him being antisemitic decades ago.

So overall, the evidence of antisemitism against Jadue is weak. Criticism of Israel is valid and I doubt anyone will be able to find a single thing he ever said against Jews specifically (rather than the state of Israel)? I certainly can´t find it. All the articles about his antisemitism never feature videos of him speaking, and often don´t even feature quotes.

I don´t like Jadue though, I voted for Boric to get rid of him.

I think the only communist ministers should be in roles like education, health and women´s rights. Nothing to do with economy, security, police, military, or international affairs. If Boric gets through to the second round, it would be ideal if he could clarify his thoughts a bit more before round two…

I’m sorry, but the Simon Wiesenthal Centre didn’t put Jadue on their List of Top Ten Antisemites for 2020 without good reason.

As for Boric getting rid of him, dream on!
He’s a thoroughly nasty piece of work, even by Chilean political standards.

And in a turn up for the books, Boric announced that Jadue will not be included in his cabinet. The prospect of this sinister Trotskyite as Interior Minister probably cost Boric a lot of votes.

That annoyed the Communist Party who asked Boric for an explanations…maybe he isn’t as much as a commie sock puppet as they would like him to be.

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Well, that’s certainly not going to help his cause in the runoff.

It is going to be hard for Boric to get the stench of Jadue off of him, I think.

My wife, who doesn’t follow politics much, immediately thought that this move is an attempt by Boric to reassure the voters, who don’t want to see a Commie-dominated government. This type of smoke-blowing exercise is known here as a Tongo.

If Boric & Co do achieve power, whatever they say at present won’t matter, it’s only means to an end.

In this YouTube piece Fernando Villegas analyses the strategy of the Left, in the wake of last Sunday’s primaries.

He believes that they will try to redirect their efforts towards middle-of -the-road voters in an attempt to tranquilizar los fachos pobres, as Villegas says.