The beginning of the end - or vice versa

I can only anticipate the probable presidential victory of JA Kast with a sense of relief after two years of anarchy, caused in part by the cowardly inaction of the government and the collective disloyalty of a venal, populist Congress that has ignored the constitution it swore to uphold.

However, in the local media, I see no idea about how Kast will actually go about governing. Having successfully got so far, the Communists and their allies will not tamely back down. We may see a major resurgence of the violence that nearly unseated Piñera, and forced a fearful Congress to agree to Constitution change.

I can only hope that Kast has an effective plan to deal with the shit that will descend on him from all sides, not least from the “progressive” international media and Human Rights organizations.

The only thing I know for sure is that “dialogue” only works when backed up with a plausible retaliatory threat, an option that the Left has worked very hard to undermine over the last few years.

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My plans to continue to stock up remain in place despite the rise of Kast because of exactly what you mentioned. Actually, I was surprised that there was no reactionary response when Jadue lost (Plaza Baquedano was completely silent and empty for the first time since 18-O). But I can see how a Kast win could bring out the worst rampage since 18-O over an extended period of time especially as the lame duck weak Piñera government will still be in place. I can see CAM Araucania tactics and violence coming to every populated corner of Chile and more. Real bombings, attacks to the power grid and other critical infrastructure, attacks on homes and parcelas and even kidnappings and other physical violence may be in the cards.

So I will continue to shop and stock at our local hiperLider’s great prices as it may not be there in the future or if it is still there, possible hyperinflation and such will result in no or very little products to buy.


El ministro del Interior, Rodrigo Delgado, confirmĂł el fallecimiento de dos comuneros mapuche, luego de dos enfrentamientos registrados hoy con personal de la Armada y de Carabineros.

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Hope I’m wrong, but today’s events in the Araucanía may provide a pretext for violence on the scale of 18-O, something that this government has always been terrified of provoking.

This incident may be utilized by the Commies to disrupt the electoral process now that their candidate looks less and less likely to win.

Not looking good…

And just over a month later, that violence didn’t happen. It still simmers on, but at a reduced scale, leaving Tomás Mosciatti to speculate (12:16) on who told the Primera Línea and the CAM to keep the lid on, at least during the run-up to the elections.

This runs contrary to opinions that he expressed previously, and would seem to indicate that he suspects that the estallido was a manufactured crisis. And of course it was.

In this country, for the Minister of Interior position, what are the minimum requirements for working in this field? Is there any minimum level of professional competence? Are there any prior experience (or maybe education) requirements?


Now I know! This is like in the UK – where a former interior minister was appointed as health minister in June 2021.

{ tribune. com. pk/story/2307460/pakistani-origin-sajid-javid-appointed-as-uk-health-minister }
{ www. gov. uk/government/people/sajid-javid }

…everything that’s upside down, we will make downside up!..


The only requirement I can see is being a buddy of Boric.

I feel sorry for the Marcrozona Sur. Seems they have been openly targeted by Boric and Siches probably for voting overwhelmingly JAK and to also keep the narco-terror line open if needed in the future.

I overestimated Chilean common sense, and it turns out that we are at the End of the Beginning of an orchestrated attempt at regime change that commenced on 18/10/19. It has been completely successful in all of its aims until now.

One additional comment. Much has been made of the appointment of Mario Marcel as Finance Minister, and this is looked on as a positive sign. But only a few years ago, one of his predecessors in Bachelet’s last government, the well-respected Rodrigo Valdés resigned in protest with his team after his sensible economic advice was ignored by la Bachy, in favour of populist tinkering and political score-settling.

Let’s see how long Marcel survives…

Why did the new Interior Minister Izkia Siches have to ostentatiously breastfeed during a public event?

Some people are not impressed…

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Definitely seems like attention seeking behavior.

Well, at least in her ample healthy case, there should be no need for baby formula. And when the food shortages come, no problem when part of the privileged new elite.

Hope junior follows in the frequent footsteps of becoming politically opposite to mom and pop but I have my doubts.