What the hell is going on with mustard?

For many weeks, mustard of Chile, regional and foreign production has been in short supply to no supply.

Anyone know why?

Is there some kind of secret mustard scare that has pulled the product IN GENERAL from the shelves?

Usually I buy Kühne in Jumbo.

But you are right all of these are showing sin stock.

This one is still showing:

No Jumbo here, so no option for what appears to be very good mustard.

More than two months ago, the shelves were wiped clean of all mustard, crap Chilean to semi-decent to decent imported stuff.

Supply has since been sporadic with Chilean stuff to perhaps Heinz USA mustard (not bad flavor and not a complicated list of ingredients) when you happen to be there to encounter and buy it.

Even the local supermarket chain Carrera that usually has a more cuico focus was wiped of stock.

I am now ordering via Vitacost for decent mustard.

Strange la wea.

Hmm, a mystery. Where did the mustard go? Here the last time I was in the big Líder in town I noticed that the ketchup section was bare. There was plenty of mustard, though.

I like the Kühne mustards too, when I am able to get to Jumbo.

gringalais, the opposite…so another strange wea, At the hiperLider here, the one third aisle that once had 2/3 shelve space for ketchup and 1/3 mustard has except in two rare occasions where one small shelf section had some now rarely seen mustard is now all ketchup. But how can this be at two completely distinct supermarkets in the same area for many weeks now?

If you could get mustard, what are the good brands that you would get? Your top 10 mustards so to speak.

Oh wow. I member when i was but a wee lad and having chronic respiratory issues. My mom had a friend that was old and wise and had her give me chicken noodle soup with large quantities of yellow mustard mixed in. It tasted so bad. My mom winced but assured me it was good for me due to the turmeric.

Taste wise I went from brown’/honey/dijon as an older wee lad to now being almost entirely yellow mustard purist ala Frenchs

But thats because so much cheap mustard here has sugar and or sugar subs added. Far be sugar from my mustard!

I figured this was a chilean populist mustard thread but it turned out as much more

Short answer-Frenchs

Well, the mustard shortage seems to have arrived here! The Híper Líder in town had only pouches of a local brand, JB, maybe? and a few yellow French’s bottles. Cugat had a few bottles of French’s in other varieties but they were4 lucas. I ended up buying a smaller jar of dijon mustard imported from France to have something in the house.

To update, a few weeks ago, Great Value (Walmart) mustard arrived (Dijon, Spicy Brown) after being MIA for it seems half a year to complement the on and off supply of the inferior Chilean stuff. Still no french mustard.

iHerb has been my go to mustard source to bridge this shortage with Woodstock organic mustard and Emeril’s dijon.

I notice Kiosclub now sells French’s, Grey Poupon and Heinz.

Jumbo sells Bornier which is good Dijon mustard (actual Dijon, not American sugary garbage). Avoid Maille which used to be the go-to mass market option in France but Unilever wrecked the recipe, at least what’s exported tastes nothing like it used to.