Turkey in Santiago?

Hey sorry if this is showing up as a duplicate post. I am new to the site and messing up everything as I go lol.
Any suggestions for a turkey in Santiago? Lider, Jumbo, Unimarc, and a few places near my place all do not have any. Previous years they all did, this go around, nope.


Gee, if you are having difficulties finding a Turkey in Santiago, then I might be out of luck here in Region IX. Checked at the Jumbos near me and in one Lider, but nothing. Not uncommon. Usually have to keep a turkey in the deep freeze for Thanksgiving. They are plentiful around Christmas, but doesn’t help us now. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Hey Curtez. You every locate a turkey? I still haven’t down here. :disappointed:

I did manage to find a couple for outrageous prices in Recoleta, so that was a hard pass… We celebrated early on Saturday. Roasted dutch-oven chicken and pulled pork BBQ. While not traditional, it sure was delicious!

Well I just saw that Jumbo had these online. I was able to get one today, but I had to ask for my store to check. Not sure what it is like at the Jumbos in Santiago. :thinking:

It shows a price of CLP 3390 per kilo, 23730 for their 7 kilo birds.

Excellent! Glad you found one. Hope it’s delicious and you guys enjoy it!


Well, as this is Chile, now there are a ton of turkeys in my local Lider. Soproval Chile to Butterball USA. At least in time for XMas…

Same here in the Temuco area. I see a lot of them at my local Jumbo.