Horse radish root

Does anyone know of or seen horseradish root for sale in Chile? Ive been looking for years to no avail.

I have seen it in jars in Jumbo:

Although, if I remember correctly, you are in Aysén. I’m not sure if you have Jumbo there.

The actual root or would horseradish in a jar be ok? I have seen both the root and the jar product in IX. Bought it several times

No Jumbo for us here in Aysen🙁. I am looking to plant some here, so I need a root.

I always believed that the german settlers would have planted it. It grows like crazy once started. I am looking to buy a few roots to start near my garden. Do you recall where you bought it?

Unimarc but definitely not there(at mine) all the time.

Now I am tempted to try and find some myself and plant it. I’ve been doing some container gardening this year in wine casks that have been converted into planters.