Inflation in Chile (actual vs theoretical)

The UF is: 30.104,39 as of today (Oct-4-2021), vs 28.711,67 as of Oct-4-2020. *

This is +4,85% per year, and so I am expecting my monthly apartment rent hike.

And of course I am speechless about food prices, locally and worldwide. My calculator would crash.

** Indicadores diarios*

I have to do a food budget and use that to split our money fairly between my wife and I since she is the one doing the food shopping. The only hard data point I could found after a google search was that prices have risen 5% since about a year ago. Can’t remember source.

If anyone has seen/heard any data rather than gut feeling - and focusing on overall basket of grocery cost rather than specific items - would be interested. So either anyone who has been keeping track of their spending very closely, or any data or surveys you see on TV etc…

No need for gut feeling as I do the shopping and read the press and social media. Just the fact the CB has raised UF is proof enough that inflation is alive and well. For Chile, there is the skyrocketing cost of container shipping (better do your Xmas shopping NOW), supply chain shortages and thus price impacts due to the attempted restarting after unprecedented lockdowns, beef/pork/poultry prices 50% or much more as Chile and other countries ship more abroad to countries that have culled/lost livestock to disease and other disasters, certain veggies and fruits impacted by weather extremes and drought, and we will list more as we remember them and this show continues.

Ohh, missed the biggie, all the IFE and similar emergency bono money and the now 4 AFP withdrawals have created the classic definition of inflation — more currency in circulation chasing the same number or even fewer goods than before.

Not to mention even less productivity as less people have the incentive to work because of the bonos and AFP retiros and the overall greater unemployment number caused by the lockdowns.

I think about October 15th - November 25th for Christmas shopping this year, or indeed any year. Not this weekend because the first weekend after received salary can be busy. On about November 25th I tend to implement a no mall until January rule.

Ah yes. The shortages seem to be contagious across industries. Almost everything personal or business wise has to be looked at yesterday

The hoarders are going to be the new kings.


-Beef: In September presented a monthly increase of 9.2%, contributing 0.199pp. to the variation of the general indicator. It accumulated 19.1% at the ninth month of the year and 20.9% at twelve months…"

They say, only 20.9% at twelve months? Not true, in my experience.

Like all governmnet inflation indexes worldwide, the gov minimizes the true number.

Last year I could purchase Chile Huachalomo or Sobrecostilla on offer for $3.690/kilo at Lider. The best price recently was $5.690, yesterday, the price (all Argie no more Chile origin) was $6.990. I know and remember these prices to the exact 10 pesos as I do the shopping.

With almost two months to go until the Ley de Servicios Básicos - which prohibits the interruption of service for those who have outstanding debts in electricity, water and gas - ends, delinquencies continue to rise.

This was reported by the Asociación Nacional de Empresas de Servicios Sanitarios, which reported the October figures, where 4 thousand new clients became delinquent, accumulating debts of 61 days or more.

In total, 595 thousand 140 people would be in this condition, equivalent to 10.7% of total clients, for a total amount of 200 thousand 337 million pesos.

Watching international news, I have already compiled quite a list of BS excuses regarding the price rises. A huge list of totally nonsensical explanations.

“…The value of bread could suffer a significant price rise … this new rise is mainly due to external factors…”

I don’t understand the following explanation:

“Antes de la pandemia nadie comía porotos, lentejas ni garbanzos. Empezó la pandemia y la necesidad de consumir esos productos, que valían $1.200 y ahora están en $2.000″, puntualizó."

Increased methane emissions. Not good. Those legumes and related foodstuff and all other veggies that have a similar effect should be taxed accordingly. :upside_down_face:

Note, guys:

If you bring a price label to the cashier desk at any LIDER they usually honor the price you bring. This is my long term experience.

They do “manual pricing”, either immediately or ask a manager, and you get what you see on the label, regardless of the actual price upon scanning.

Thus, when the Mildred Ceylon tea brand that I buy went from 1800 to 1900 for 250g, knowing that there was a huge delay replacing the labels, I got the old price at the local LIDER Express.

Repeated recently, got the 1900 price for the package that is now 2050. They don’t like to replace the labels. Too lazy.

That happened with me for a refrigerator at Sodimac. They forgot to take the sale price off and when they rang in the code it was showing a higher price. They gave me the sale price and then took the sale sign down. It was a big difference, 40 or 50 thousand pesos.

Wow just wow

Pufa oil has bodyguards!

Another shot in the arm of inflation…good ole mandated prices to stop inflation

What could possibly go wrong?

Boric has said ZERO price increases for a year for all public transport

Fuel prices be damned. Market economics be damned. Supply and Demand…wait for it…be damned!

Mandated prices just as broke down as mandated minimum wages.

You cant fix an economy by cheating at economics and cooking the books of prices or wages.