Congreso aprueba octava prórroga del estado de excepción en la Macrozon

what is happening in these regions? Am without internetIn La Tercera online today

It is the ongoing commie Mapuche insurrection (probably around 7% of all Mapuches with ringleaders mainly being urbanites vs. the rest of the Mapuches who consider themselves Chileans, dedicated to work, mostly rural and who overwhelmingly vote hard right since Pino) using indigenous rights to cover their lumber theft, drug running, gun running, land confiscation and other criminal and terrorist activities. They work with FARC and receive outside support from the usual suspects like their regular Chilean commie counterparts.

Their commie-FA block of supporters in Congress always vote down any law and order measures that can help the residents of those regions and now that they control the Executive, have intentionally tied the hands of the police and military to operate as they should despite the continuing State of Emergency declarations.

Long list of murders including their own Mapuche blood brothers, millions in property damage, land illegally targeted for attack and squatting, Mapuches and non-Mapuches constantly living in fear, crops and harvests burnt in this era of food price inflation if not planted at all due to the problems in this breadbasket of Chile.


Mostly not covered by the mainstream press any more.