The future of Chilean utilities industry

"…Consumers will be able to cancel the debt contracted between March 18, 2020 and December 31, 2021 in 48 installments. In addition, no fines, interest or associated expenses may be included…

…In that sense, the fee may not exceed 15% of the charge associated with their average consumption. If this percentage is exceeded, a subsidy will be provided, so that the State assumes the cost.

The balance of the debt that is not paid in 48 installments will finally be extinguished…"

While they were using their IFE buying autos and giant smart TVs…

The gov got our back populism at its best.

BTW, I was surprised how very few (like only 1 or 2 similar to pre-COVID) in out condo fell behind in the gastos comunes. And this is not “rich” Santiasco.

That Spanish word cancelar is a tricky beast because it sometimes does mean “cancel” or something similar. But in the context of money, it actually usually means “pay” I think. So I think what you should say here is “consumers will be able to pay the debt”.

Yup that word sucks and is confusing for poor extranjeros

Chileans speak horribly while using their grammar skills at embarrassingly low levels, what do you expect?

Sorry guys, I was cutting and pasting that piece after running through Google translate.

Its cool man :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Even Chileans and other latinos get confused.

When someone says to me, “Quiero cancelar”,

I ask them, “Quiere anular o pagar?”

It’s part of a peculiar reluctance to avoid bluntly mentioning payments.

“Pase por caja” is another euphemism often used in this situation…