Still 2 years to go, but

Although the presidential elections are still a couple of years away,
given widespread electoral disillusion with the hopeless state of the country, a Right Wing coalition is widely tipped to win, with Evelyn Matthei seen as the front runner for the presidency.

Although she is capable, honest, and hardworking, she will head a fragmented coalition where infighting for political advantage will weaken whatever government she assembles. And so far, the Right have not come up with a plan for getting Chile back on the rails, especially since we will probably see a resurgence of the manufactured social unrest that almost unseated Piñera.

If they imagine that everything will revert to “business as usual” without preparing for another estallido, they are in for a shock. Under Boric, the activists and lumpen have been mainly held in check, as occurred during Bachelet2, only to come out of the woodwork during the Piñera administration, with the results that we still suffer from to this day.


José Antonio Kast has been keeping a low profile for a while now.
However, his recent visit to El Salvador to visit Bukele’s megacarcel, and his upcoming trip to check out the wall that the Hungarians built to keep out illegal immigrants at least shows a determination to consider drastic solutions to the self-induced problems that current and previous administrations have inflicted on this long-suffering country.

As a presidential candidate, if he sticks to his guns this time without making concessions to the woke left, Chile may be so fed up with the current state of affairs that they elect him; certainly a radical change is needed, and conventional democracy isn’t working.