PDI head resigns over corruption charges

Chile’s plain-clothes Keystone Cops, the ever-incompetent PDI, is losing their boss. Boric evidently accepted his resignation.

More and more people are discovering and finally acknowledging the phenomenal and heretofore unimaginable degree of bribery and corruption in Chile, now rightly seen as Just Another Third World Country.

Headline: Chilean police chief resigns after corruption investigation opens.

Sergio Muñoz will be formally charged at a hearing scheduled for next Tuesday for allegedly disclosing secret information

The situation seems to revolve around the so-called “Audio Case” which took off in November. Someone got ahold of a tape of a conversation in which there is talk of “irregular payments” (sometimes a code for bribes) to SII officials presumably by an attorney who was trying to winkle out some privileged information.

Read all about it:

The biggest corruption scandal so far, involving the highest levels of the past and present Chilean Establishment. The notorious “caso audios” was only the start.

Here, Nicole Rodriguez analyses the latest events in some detail:

…quisiera explicar la magnitud y gravedad de saber que el director de la PDI le pasaba información privilegiada a un abogado cuyo modus operandi es el soborno…"

And curiously although those caso audios recordings revealed the presence of a network of corrupt officials within the SII, so far this service remains uninvestigated.

Another example of how thoroughly politicized the supposedly impartial justice service is - all the way up to the Corte Supremo

El exministro de la Corte Suprema, Pedro Pierry aseguró que el escándalo de Luis Hermosilla “es un desastre”, pero que no es algo nuevo: “Esto funciona así en Chile. Y esto lo sabe todo el mundo y lo sabe desde hace décadas”.