Piñera destituido?

Great analysis by Tomas Mosciatti. Piñera just sucks

As Mosciatti says, Piñera is neither feared nor admired. He never inspired personal loyalty because of his selfish “me-me” attitude, as typified by his shabby treatment of politicians like Evelyn Matthei, Kast and others.

During the so-called estallido, conspicuously absent were declarations of support from right-wing parliamentarians. He is a prime example of the unpleasant Chilean “winner” mentality and is widely disliked personally for that reason. And as a rico, half of Chile automatically disliked him already. So not much “admiration”.

As for “fear”, he couldn’t count on the armed forces either, as trials and incarcerations in Punta Peuco continued under his mandate; the spectacle of aged prisoners dying handcuffed to their hospital beds did not endear him to the military. When he attempted to deploy them as a handy scapegoat to deflect Human Rights accusations, they declared that they “weren’t at war with anybody” and retired to their barracks after a brief token show.
The less extreme response by Carabineros was severely crippled by successful Human Rights activism, to the extent that they virtually abandoned their traditional dissuasive role.

Since his options to suppress the estallido were curtailed, his survival strategy has been to cling to power at all costs, embracing the leftist cause to the extent that at one stage he envisioned himself as the author of the new Constitution.

He is rightly scorned by all sides, and will go down in history as the worst president ever, having passively contributed to the dissolution of Chile’s institutions, and indeed the Chilean nation.
His financial shenanigans are a very minor issue in comparison.
This current attempt to unseat him is simply another destabilizing opposition tactic in the run-up to the elections.

I imagine he already quietly set up a bolthole in some amenable country, as Joaquin Lavin did recently. He has made too many enemies on all sides to be safe in Chile once the presidential protection is removed.

So this latest attempt to unseat Pinera failed. It was just the latest in a series of destabilization attempts that started on the 19th October 2019 when Teillier called on Piñera to resign.

Since the commies have already achieved much of what they set out to do since then, Piñera’s fate is irrelevant.

He is destined to become a pariah, beset by false accusations from the “progressive” Human Rights industry, while his notable abandono de deberes has been criticized by all sides.

“Capable administrator, terrible crisis leader”, seems to be the verdict.

And in the aftermath of the failed attempt, commie Diputado Daniel Nuñez proposes shutting down the Senate.

Hay que clausurar el Senado por rechazar la acusación constitucional.** Se volvió cómplice de los corruptos negocios de Piñera”

And a response from the same news article:

Su idea de democracia entonces sería que cuando se vota como él quiere debe existir la institución, cuando no, habría que clausurarla. Vaya idea de democracia”.

Dime con quién andas…

Note the absence of the Hammer and Sickle on those banners - they don’t want to scare off the punters.