Panic buying at Jumbo...but why?

Chilean sent a pic with apocalyptic linea at jumbo saying “its because of the war in Ukraine”

I thought he was joking, he wasnt.

I understand Poland or others nearer but Chile?

That was in a big city…i havent seen any such panicking where I live

Hard to believe so many run of the mill chileans are so doomy so early on as to jump into panic buying action even if this turns out to eventually result in ww3

Perhaps I am more out of touch with run of the mill chileans illusions and what motivates them than I thought :tropical_fish:

I think that its all part of this apocalyptic “the sky is falling” narrative stirred up everywhere by the media. COVID, the Chinese, Putin, the environment, etc, etc. After all, bad news is what sells. And Chileans seem to have become slightly hysterical by being exposed to these incessant doom and gloom messages without applying any sort of perspective to what they see on the TV.

WW3? Really! You obviously didn’t live through the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis. Even as kids, we were made very aware of the consequences of a full-blown nuclear war. Putin may be dangerous, but he’s not mad.

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Perhaps generations have taken solace that it would never happen.

Its fun to watch videos by pundits and bloggers and news channels declaring in Jan and Feb

“Why Putin will never evah invade ukraine…”
“10 reasons Russia is not really serious about Ukraine”

Lots of stuff that didnt age well

I was fascinated to discover that the Rus or Russian people actually started in Ukraine or more accurately Kievan Rus. Really interesting, had no idea.

The fourth day since the start of this, but I still can’t believe my eyes when I see the news headlines, nor can I believe my ears when I hear the latest reports. Unimaginable. Unbelievable. For you it would sound like the US were bombing Canada. This one looks much more crazy than the entire covid-1984 performance. Truly this all must be a dream. Doesn’t fit in my head.

The timeline has changed again, only inkling are strange dreams and seeing what MSM is saying. We are living in interesting times.

I haven’t witnessed anything like that the last few times I went shopping in our neck of the woods. I agree that all the gloom and doom reporting probably plays a role if it is happening in some places.