Strange $hit going on

Strange shit:

• Chile commies attending the funeral of someone they wished death on.
• Convenient accident used as a smokescreen to cover up one of Chile’s largest disasters/deadly criminal acts.
• A mysteriously halted death toll on the extreme low side for fires that swept through 3100+ households many which had no warning or were quickly trapped with no exit.
• No more suspects in detention for the fires.
• Hardly any new news coverage of what is happening on the ground in the cleanup zone or going after the culprits.
• All my alternative news twitter feeds have slowed or gone quiet regarding the fires and the more speculative developing theories before the new saint supposedly died.

I have a strange sensation that something else big is about to hit, natural, manmade or both…

Yes but this is not limited to Chile. There is a new world order being born and any country affiliated with the old world order (US as top dog, worship of the US dollar) will suffer the same breakdown that is happening in the US. On X, Alex Jones interviews David Icke and explains a lot about the NWO and the creation of a global dystopia.

I understand. I’ve also had a feeling lately like the other shoe is going to drop at any time.