More congressional silliness

This could have been placed in the Animals or Politics category, but since there isnt a Chilean Silliness one, here it goes into the Lunacy Category.


A pair of left-wing diputadas, using the same ingeniously distorted Orwellian narrative that seeks to blame the government(!) for the chaos and violence of the last couple of years, have announced an initiative intended to prohibit the use of animals by Carabineros in crowd control situations.

What this pair don’t mention is that Its not the Police doing the mistreating, its these Wimmin’s own supporters harming those animals. I will spare you the harrowing pics of wounded horses.

The aim of this project is according to diputada Maya Fernandez is “to impede their exposure to conditions of physical and emotional vulnerability.”

Touching, this concern for animals. But zero concern for the human beings who have been placed in the same situation, ie the Police. Their vulnerability doesn’t count, neither does that of the innocent Chileans who also have been victims of this incessant violence.

The real intention underneath this phoney concern for animals is to restrict police crowd control capabilities even more. As if the Human Rights industry hasn’t done enough already. Is there no end to this nonsense?

Of course there is the supposedly documented claim of prescription and recreational drug addled B mistreating a perro at the U de C.

Can we please create a Chilean Silliness category??? It would be the most active of all hahaha.

Although I regularly criticize aspects of life here, (from a local, not an expat pov), I don’t think any Chilean would appreciate the country being slagged off by expats on a regular basis in a forum. Bad idea.

Funny thing is, when I bitch face-to-face, they usually agree with me, then say, “pero Chile es así, po!” And of course they are right…

Yes, we all have the responsibility to protect the forum so self-moderation is the name of the game or we will also join that expats in chile forum graveyard in the sky.

I am Chileno, but I now live in the U.S. And I tend to take everything with humor :joy:

As @feargle said when you bitch face-to-face about chile we tend to agree. As my tio says "hay que vivir el dia a dia no ma’. From all my years in the other forum I really appreciated, and still do appreciate, the gringo perspective of chilenos.

Saludos, and let’s keep these healthy discussions going :slight_smile: