Loose dogs, killer dogs

San Pedro de Atacama.

Loose translation of headline:

Terror in a Chilean town after wild dog attacks that have already left one dead, one mutilated and a tourist in serious condition

This is not an isolated condition. I’ve also been attacked by street dogs on several occasions, by dogs that even apparently had “owners.” That is, irresponsible chilenitos as “owners.”

All that hype a few years ago about “responsible dog ownership” and associated laws and fines… all for naught.

First para of this story, for the monolingual:

"The inhabitants and tourists visiting the town of San Pedro (some 1,700 kilometers north of Santiago), an oasis in the middle of the Atacama Desert, are completely terrified after a series of attacks by feral dogs that have so far caused the death of a 28-year-old tourist guide, a child that suffered a mutilated ear, and now a Brazilian tourist, seriously injured, in the regional hospital."

This is not a responsible country, wherein animals is concerned. Over a million loose, ownerless street dogs in this country – one for every 17 people. And if that were not enough, the feral and uncontrolled street dogs have been killing off the natural wildlife, including huemules, as well as livestock. One of my neighbors lost a calf not so long ago to one of these dog attacks.

You may also recall how Punta Arenas cathedral was invaded and desecrated a few years ago after the Archbishop made some harmless remarks about the number of street dogs, (now sometimes called “community dogs”) in the Plaza.

Yes, we are very much aware of those attacks on the cathedral by the Dog People and their social depravity . And we must recognize that Punta Arenas has changed greatly since the comparatively more civilized 1970s. This is after all Boric’s pago chico. His ex GF/polola/consort is a radical feminist implicated in the vandalism and arson of the estallido. The number of burned-out buildings since Red October is disturbing. Not quite the Gaza of today but still disturbing. This is not a civilized or developed nation.

People laughed when Burric said they would pursue criminals like mad dogs when in fact as usual he truthfully meant the opposite, innocent citizens will be pursued by mad (criminal) dogs and the government won’t give a shit human or dog.

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I have dogs and have rescued many others and rehomed them. But this situation seems to have gotten way out of control. Apparently, most of these dogs were dumped in the desert by owners. The unspayed/neutered ones breed out of control. They formed packs to survive and it’s not surprising they get vicious if they don’t have regular access to food.

I hate saying it, but honestly, what is their quality of life if they are living like that? What chance is there to get them to a point where they are adoptable? Euthanasia is probably more humane, but how long until more packs emerge?

I’ve been reading in the US that there is a major crisis in the shelters due to irresponsible practices too. In some shelters, there are dozens of dogs a day being euthanized, even puppies. Irresponsible pet ownership isn’t just an issue here.

I’ve read about packs of feral dogs killing wildlife like pudues and huemules. It’s really sad.

Just this week we found a dog pack that attacked a lamb and dragged it on our property killing it and desecrating the corpse for days…where the nearest flock would be over several km away

It is out of control and nearly no sense of responsibility. People just keep letting them breed instead of helping to neuter and spay. We have seen the wink at it attitude but it means that poor little baby dogs/cats get abandoned or murdered or they end up feral and a threat to other animals

I hope the new laws on criminalizing the abandonment of dogs and cats will make chileans care more about taking responsibility

Does anyone know what the current law is with regard to people bringing pets (i.e. dogs) into restaurants and cafés? I don’t mean imaginary emotional crutch animals, but regular old backyard mutts in eating establishments and grocery stores?

There’s a big woffle here about allowing pets into shops, but nothing about perros vagos.
But its tolerated - sometimes.


But… what is the actual relevant law about someone bringing his filthy mutt into a nice restaurant? As opposed to the disgusting practices seen so often. Can we cite a law?

Edit: shop owner here says he can do what he fooking pleases as far as dogs are concerned.

How very chilean.