Collective Lunacy - a typical example

I honestly find less stuff in this country worth commenting on every day, which is why I haven’t posted on this forum until now.

But here’s one example that provoked me. Diputado Manuel Castro proposes granting a day off work to mourn the decease of a family pet.

“Sorry, Boss, I can’t come in today, our Hamster passed away.”
(That’s if they even bother phoning in.)

As usual, the employer pays for the day off. Yet another pathetic vote-grabbing tactic that the lumpen won’t even remember after a couple of weeks . Hopefully Congress will retain some vestiges of common sense and this motion will sink without trace.

Very nice. I am lost regarding what type of forum category to create to file this… People please suggest.

Thanks for joining us at this new place! We all hope it will survive, through both good times and tough times.

Please stay with us, and continue your valuable contributions.

Unexpected compassion is always a good thing, even from a political candidate. When my dog died, I needed time to mourn. As for category, how about Pets and Animal Care

Hmm. Have you ever heard of Buenismo? Its a tactic used by politicians to ingratiate themselves with the electorate by simulating empathy and concern - its often displayed in the runup to elections.

When its employed so blatantly, it shows an underlying (and justified) contempt for the intelligence of the masses, who dumbly accept this type of gross approval-seeking at face value.

As for a Category, Chilean Politics would be my suggestion, since every aspect of life here has become unhealthily politicized.

There are many various sources and kinds of human suffering. When one’s favorite teacup is broken, their heart aches. When a sysadmin extracts yet another dead hard drive from his beloved RAID array, tears spring to his eyes, “sorry, boss, I can’t work today"…

So Sorry about your dog :cry:. And I do believe that unexpected compassion is always welcomed.

Chilean politicians are experts at coming up with useless proposals. Inefficiency all around.

Yes rune, attachment begets suffering. I still think we should have a category for posts relating to pets and animals.

Yes, chalksquire, politicians are adept at creating a platform to accommodate human behavior and characteristics but that is just one layer of this multi-layered reality. Just because someone manipulates a truth to their advantage does not negate its truthfulness. People need to grieve. The loss of a pet can be as devastating as the loss of a family member. And of course some will abuse the system but that doesn’t mean the system cannot have some compassion because a few might exploit it.

My point is, why should a business have to pay a day’s wage for an employee to sit at home allegedly “grieving” over a dead pet? Ridiculous.

And what counts as a pet? A Tarantula Spider, a Python, or a miniature Pig?

Yesterday, another Diputado presented a project for the state to distribute feminine hygiene products for free.

Such “compassion”. Must only be a coincidence that the elections are coming up. With so many legislators concerned with the wellbeing of the voters, why is life so crap here?

What comes next, a project for free disposable diapers?


And what about millions of the others, “second sort” or “garbage”, living beings — who are industrially killed for the “benefit” of our, the most f*cking precious [un]human life? Is anyone’s life on this planet more valuable than any other life?

My “grieving” over the 17 million minks culled [by “mistake”] in response to the covid-1984, or many millions of other animals disposed of after series of experiments on the genetics of the magical “cure” of the same, has no limits, and is million times stronger, please believe me, than over just one, no matter how very much beloved, animal.

Anyone is willing to pay me a million days wage?

So not, I am sorry, but this is not about true compassion. The true compassion is based on genuine real wisdom.

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So true lostfree about the animals that are just tossed away like rubbish after being poured out like water

Its one thing to practice respect and stewardship with living beings that are helping you…wherher its an ox or horse helping you plow or pull and in exchange you feed and care for them. Or a flock of poultry helping you with having a fresh freerange egg supply

But it is quite another to ENSLAVE living beings for totalitarian domination. And let me be clear I am not using hyperbole. ENSLAVE is accurate.

Lets take quail. Very small defenseless birds. Yet they are routinely enslaved for egg production by being jailed in a small metal cage with many other quail (talking a shoebox) for their entire lives. No access to the ground of the earth. But why do humans do this? Because they can.
Because “they are just animals”

Feargle - Yes it is bogus to make an employer pay for an employees day off for pet death grief. And I am saying as one who has expereienced a 20+ year relationship severance with a pet that I loved so so sooo much. At that time I was a wreck…but what i needed was distraction. I needed to focus on other things besides my grief. Work helped in that way as opposed to just staying home and being enveloped in pain and loss.
Usually i see through that BS with the buenisimo…(at least I fancy that I do :wink: ) just like the seasonal political ads for people running for office in north america…the 30 second spot where they mention covid and then go on about “how its the people thay impress the candidate” the nurses, doctors, first response…blah blah blah.
Its been going on forever.

going to stop rambling. Quick summary
Yes we should have a pets/animals section.
No…noone should be paying someoneelse for grief
I think the floating holiday approach is better to cover things like that. Without limits it will be abused as it already is for people that get hired just to plan to get pregnant and live on an employer paid dole

Forced compassion is not compassion.