Just do it today

Go and buy seasonal fruit now, especially: arándano, duraznos, and cerezas, and eat as much as you can. Repeat. Until you burst.

This is a military order. So this is mandatory. I will not go into further explanations.

Today’s prices locally stay at 2.000 arándano, 1.200 duraznos, and 1.500 cerezas (absolutely superior quality).

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And not only because you cannot stock up. Because of the long term positive impact. As during the short time the true season lasts they have power, have strength. Too much shit has been accumulated in the body, and this continues, and this shit will have its consequences as one grows older…

So… Eat the fruit now, old farts. You have to…


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Dude, only problem is the type of sugar, primarily fructose vs. sucrose. Natural yes, but there are major differences on impact on insulin and other organs like the liver. No doubt the other known and unknown phytonutrients of whole fruit probably minimize the impact and have synergistic advantages, but always best not to overindulge, like with most things natural and man-made/modified.


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With the proper equipment, dehydration, extracts, oils, essences etc. can be made, including wine and distilled spirits for the colder months and healing purposes.


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Yes there are no more fruits that taste look and feel more natural, like at least 30 or 40 years ago. And where their shape is not distorted, I can post photos of doubled or tripled cerezas, or kiwis with quadrupled bodies, or arandano sized as grapes. Or other heavily distorted fruits. And where they are not poisonous because of all the chemicals. So… as everything you do – do it at your own risk…

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