Jumping the gun

Guillermo Teillier, the Chile commie president, announced a government public spending rise of 4% for next year.

Thing is, he’s not even in the government. That announcement should have come from Boric, or his finance minister. Part of a move to weaken Boric, who they must regard as expendable, and assert the dominance of the PC in this government.

And in another news article commie Karol Cariola is bidding to become president of the Cámara de Diputados:

Can anyone doubt that these moves aren’t a continuation of their attempts to establish a fully communist state?

Someone else seems to be suspecting that for the commies, Boric served their ends for a while, but is now becoming irrelevant given the rechazo vote, and his crappy presidential performance.

Tellier always gives me the creeps, the way he always behind groups of ministers looking like a fossil. I think he likes to do it to give the message that he’s running things.

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