Is this Art? Judge for yourselves

There isn’t a Chile Culture category on here, perhaps unsurprisingly.
However the Boric government does fund certain activities under this guise, and promised to increase spending on the Arts.

I find the results as shown here to be mediocre trash, even without considering the political and sexual propagandistic intentions of the “artists”.

My husband showed me that last night. With all the problems here, that is the last thing the government should be spending money on. It’s on the level of the assflag.

Don’t forget the 450 lukas bono that was given to artists in Chile to ensure they promoted Apruebo and afterwards continued to push the far left woke agenda except it is having a negative effect as the many (if not nearly all) far left Chile comedians have been pifiados in various stage performances this year not to mention as recent as last night in Viña.

Very funny to see the clip of the deaf translator in the bottom right corner doing the thumbs down audience reacting negatively interpretation in sign language.

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