Hijos del Marxismo

Something to watch if you want to understand why:

“El apruebo es sólo más alto entre los jóvenes (46%), los votantes del apruebo en el plebiscito de entrada (59%), entre los identificados con la izquierda (72%) y entre quienes votaron por Boric (68%)”, indicó la encuesta.

These brainwashed schoolkids and students are the dismal Chilean present and future.

Not surprised but kind of upset none the less.

Are all the schools in the video public or some private?

I am in direct observation of two private subvencionado schools, one in Llolleo (muy cuico) and the other in Quilicura (not cuico but above flaite) and have yet to see an outdoor event showing blatant indoctrination.

My best guess, those were indeed public and for all voters with kids not paying the full private rate for a private school, YOUR CHOICE FOR A SUBVEN goes away under the NC.

As the wolf said,

the better to manipulate their minds for OUR purposes.

thanks feargle, for the heads up