What is the meaning of this cultural act?

Tried searching on Google but I am totally lost on the symbolism here. Can anyone familiar with the Chile feminist movement explain this cultural act?

Is the bend over bare ass thing like mooning or something? And what is the deal with the long ponytail covering the ass crack? Color me stupid but please explain at a level that a 16 year old can understand.


Dignity on parade that is safe AND effective

OK, perhaps 10 pesos worth of greater clarity but there must be more to it? Anyone?

The following explanation comes from El Mostrador.

De acuerdo con su sitio web, la Yeguada Latinoamericana es un equipo multidisciplinario que genera y almacena registros audiovisuales, para difundir y disponibilizar prácticas artísticas “que desbordan la institucionalidad del arte en Chile, tomando como partida las sexualidades no heteronormativas y una mirada crítica, feminista e interseccional. El nombre se inspira en las Yeguas del Apocalipsis, duo artístico y político conformado por Pedro Lemebel y Francisco Casas que intervino con su manifestación desde 1993 hasta la vuelta de la democracia.

Prior to that gross insult (which doesn’t deserve to be termed a performance) to the Arturo Prat monument, this group of commie lesbos had profaned the tomb of Jaime Guzmán, by symbolically shitting on it.

They are attempts to dissolve the historical and cultural links that hold Chile together as a nation. Like the asshole flags in that evento cultural just prior to the rechazo vote, the attempted destruction of the Baquedano statue, and this, the initiation of a determined attempt to physically break up Chile, which luckily failed.

Not to mention the widespread attacks on Churches, especially Catholic ones.

Live in peace by burning churches? Yeah, right :slight_smile:

:poop: ¡¡Unholy shit!! :poop:

feargle never disappoints with his extensive knowledge of Schiiilelandia and personal commentary on various subjects.

Muchísimas gracia’.

Like I said, there must be more to it and again feargle did not disappoint.

Thank’ee kind sir.
It wouldn’t surprise me to discover that this group is funded though one of those shadowy foundations, whose only purpose seems to be further the Chilean Red Revolution.
Talking of red revolutions, probably no one on this forum ever witnessed the 1970s English one…

Ugh this is worse than I could have imagined

Ok so the long braided hair down the back and careening off the butt crack is supposed to be like symbolic poo exiting the rectum. Wow…

I never ever evah would have been able to divine that. I was thinking maybe its a sarcastic submission pose. Thank you feargle

My last on this subject. I quote from a pdf authored by the founder of this “performance project”, one Cheril Linett, added to show that I’m not making this stuff up.
La cola y el ano son las armas semióticas y contra-sexuales de la
propuesta. La cola surge a raíz de una investigación corporal íntima y previaa la Yeguada, buscando una versión de humana/yegua que mute a Bestia Lúbrica, utilizando una cola plug anal para romper con la forma humana e indagar en la dilatación y el placer anal
My final extract from that article:

Actualmente es becaria del Programa de Dirección Escénica de la Fundación Internacional Teatro a Mil y Goethe Institut-Chile, con su proyecto Bestia Lúbrica.

Your tax pesos in action…:slight_smile: