How can extranjeros support the communities they live in

How can extranjeros support the communities they live in?

After a number of years here, I am realizing that I am unaware of community charitable groups . Are efforts to help those in need handled within families or church organizations? Other than the bomberos soliciting donations from time to time I see no fund raising in my travels.

For arms-length charity, Hogar de Cristo and Fundación Las Rosas among others accept regular donations. For closer involvement, you would have to contact a local religious (probably Catholic) group.

You can inscribe and participate in your junta de vecinos (JJVV), it probably has low turnout for the assemblies and many problems to be solved (at least it’s like that in my rural one).

Famous charities usually have enough big donors and visibility, I’m not even sure if they need volunteers. If you are near some city, there should be some local activist groups and NGOs that you can contact via Facebook or Instagram. Just asking around in some “Avisos [your city name]” FB group can help to locate them.

Can’t say for other places but in Valdivia there are multiple environmentalist groups/organizations, a tiny charity working with homeless people, an animal shelter, and a small NGO that opened a trade school for teens from Sename. Both donations and volunteering can go a long way for those because it’s often just a few people with a frugal monthly budget.

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Don’t give money instead give some of your time teaching your talents, your knowledge etc. Money usually goes to undesirable’s pockets. GIVE A MAN A FISH, YOU FEED HIM FOR A DAY, IF YOU TEACH A MAN HOW TO FISH, YOU FEED HIM FOR A LIFETIME.

Thanks for the comments. I am avoiding contributions to churches as my belief is that very little goes,to charity. I haven’t found anything local in jjvv but I will definitely keep looking at that resource.
Unfortunately my communication skills preclude me from teaching any skills locally. And besides I don’t think chilenos need any instruction in drinking chicha😆! I think there is nascent animal rescue group in Pte Aysen. I will try to contact them. My neighbor is friendly with the local radio staff. Maybe they are aware of of other local projects.

Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day.
Give him a tablet with access to the internet, and he won´t bother you again for years.

In our case we are volunteering at a local Agricultural College, My wife and I are teaching English to a very nice group of secondary students. They are really enthusiastic, grateful and appreciate the help we are giving them. Considering most public schools in Chile particularly in rural areas are neglected and do not teach any English, any help is a benefit. I am retired and have an engineering background but the enthusiasm of the kids breaks down any barriers caused by lack of teaching skills. besides there are so many web pages these days to help. Its a new experience for me and I get great satisfaction from helping the young people.


Good for you, sounds great.