Legal Inconsistency

A routine dispute that ended up with one beachside seller shooting a “business” rival dead. Nothing unusual these days, except that the assailant had already been condemned for a homicide committed less than two years ago. He was serving his sentence under a regime of so-called “intensively supervised liberty”, despite a possessing a long criminal record.

Disregarding the apparent cheapness of human life these days in Chile, how does that incident compare to the 6-year sentence (on appeal) handed down to John Cobin for lightly wounding a protester during the estalido?

Several months after CV-1984 started there were mass releases from prisons worldwide. There must be stats for Chile published somewhere. Not sure about this particular case, but there should be others.

JC should be included in any move to pardon those related to estallido violence and crime.

How can Chileans help extranjeros that live in their community?

By telling them to not come.