Don't tase me, bro

This from the “No good deed goes unpunished” files.

In retrospect this was a bad idea even at the time, against my better judgment, but yes, I did loan a vehicle to some people working for an NGO in Chile. Because I normally detest the likes of these clueless NGOs, their witless members, and their ill-conceived projects.

So what happened is this.

The folks had a dog. A mangy, ill-behaved quiltro. And they left the dog in the vehicle with the windows only slightly open.

You know the rest of the story.

Some Fulano de la calle complained to the pacos.

Pacos come to my house, this being the biggest crime in the region in months. Of course since I am at home in my pink fuzzy bunny slippers and the vehicle is parked in town some distance away even the pacos could smell a disconnect. And they were their usual overly polite selves, bless their little pointy heads.

I explained about the miscreants and their organization and listened to the little canned lecture about mangy quiltros and windowed cars, mutual respect all around. No hits, no runs, no errors.

Next day, NGO no car.

Lessons re-learned. Don’t loan your vehicle to boludos.

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Ummm. Thin on the details of “the rest of the story”.

Do we assume the worst?

Dogs were fine. Pacos just doing their jobs. Visitors with their dogs should have known better and were properly chastised. Everyone got away with lessons learned. Hence the telling of the story – a sharing of lessons learned.

You mean no one got tased?

Not this time.