Gonzalo L arrested

Gonzalo Lira arrested by Ukronazis of SBU
Pray for his safety pic.twitter.com/Oz5ZKqlpLV

— Angelo Giuliano 🇮🇹 🇨🇭/ living in 🇨🇳 (@Angelo4justice3) May 5, 2023

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That article is a hatchet job created to support US domination of the world by crucifying anyone brave enough to question the US narrative. Are Chileans being fed that narrative also?

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It is a hatchet job, obviously pro-US reporting, supporting their narrative of Good US, Bad Russia. Is the Chilean media parroting the US narrative or actually giving some air time to the Russian narrative? Sorry for an almost repeat post. My other post did not appear so I wrote this one.

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Of course. But there seems to be a similar split like up north between Putin is a ruthless supposedly commie dictator like during the cold war (stance of the left and right neocon types) vs. a nationalist leader defending the history and traditional culture and religious sensibilities of his people (alt-right, Trumpism, Tucker Carlson stance).

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The US dominance of the world of information will continue – until their ability to dominate is (at least, technically) challenged. By some other serious player. Who has to at least try to build a similar network of social media providers, with global audience. But in the foreseeable future, there is no hope, IMO…

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Haven’t looked recently, but on cable and on local digital TV at a certain time, Russian RT news was available.

But I do see the split as I described above as I closely follow Chile Twitter feeds to the “right” of the contrived spectrum.

Having access to both parties would be helpful – if each of them were ready to provide deep, insightful, thorough analysis – directed at those who have the ability to see and understand. Then we would be enjoying a true intellectual dispute.

But not. Both sides either speak on the “emotional” level only, or we must listen to their usual meaningless propaganda (one kind vs. another kind).

Of course, sometimes there are exceptions, and certain sources of information may be enlightening.

the divisions or red and blue are not reflective of the people I know. They are on both sides of the political divide but have the intelligence to look at the world 360 degrees instead of the narrow windows of blind patriotism and national propoganda.

I agree, most people are followers and want their realities spoon-fed to them. And when segments wake up, the elite (the ones who own all the corporations and politicians) pit the politcal sides against each other constantly to take the attention off of them.

For a previous discussion where talk about Gonzalo brought up the Russia - Ukie topic:

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Absolutley a hatchet job. It is a sad day when there are no publications to cite that are not as such!

An update. Gonzalo is now on international incident status. He has become a subject of political negotiation. Facing nearly a decade in jail time for critical of ukraine.

He is facing (now) 13 years in a ukraine prison…

Finally an article that is not seething with hatred for a person who deigns to have an unpopular opinion with zelensky