Giorgio Jackson -- "the face of corruption"-- resigns

Detested by many, now formally accused of having his dirty hands in the cookie jar. Infobae article in Spanish with sources via CNN Chile:

Pressured to leave, Chile’s Minister of Social Development and Family Resigns

Giorgio Jackson presented his resignation after a meeting at La Moneda with President Boric, following the announcement that a constitutional accusation would be filed against him.

[ Quick and dirty translation]

The Chilean Minister of Social Development and Family, Giorgio Jackson, presented his resignation after a meeting at La Moneda with President Boric, amid strong pressures for his departure after it was announced that a constitutional accusation would be filed against him.

The accusation, backed by Chile Vamos, would be presented by the Chilean Republican Party next Monday, August 14.

“I step aside after noting that my presence in the cabinet has been used by the political opposition as an excuse for not advancing in the agreements that Chile demands,” he said when announcing his departure. “I presented my resignation to the president in a way that could not be refused, because I am convinced that certain actions and conditions must be created, no matter how unfair they may be, to bring about those agreements.”

Jackson’s departure is troublesome for the President because besides being personal friends, they shared a political history as student leaders in massive mobilizations a decade ago and later as deputies in Congress.

In a cabinet reshuffle last September after the failure of a proposal for a new constitution endorsed by the ruling party, Boric removed Jackson from the ministry in charge of relations with Congress, moving him to the less politically charged “Social Development” ministry.

The Undersecretary of Social Evaluation, Paula Poblete Maureira, will assume the Jackson’s former post on an interim basis, according to CNN Chile.

Pressure for Jackson’s departure began after the unraveling of the so-called “Convenios Case”, which exploded in June in the northern region of Antofagasta, when alleged irregularities in million-dollar agreements, signed between the regional delegation of the Ministry of Housing and the ‘Democracia Viva’ foundation, were exposed.

The foundation is linked to militants of Revolución Democrática, one of the parties of the ruling [Boric] coalition, founded by the [now-deposed] Minister of Social Development, Giorgio Jackson.

This scandal hit the Government hard,after the announcement of an internal audit throughout the country to clarify whether there are irregularities in the delivery of public subsidies in this mandate as well as in the legislature of the former conservative President Sebastián Piñera (2018-2022).

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Media in Spain [El País] regarding the constitutional accusation against Jackson:

El País:

"[The accusation has] … sufficient merit, " indicated the president of the Republican bench, Deputy Benjamin Moreno. The parliamentarian detailed that the Minister of Social Development [Jackson] “seriously compromised the honor of the Nation, violated the Constitution and the laws, and left them without execution.” Moreno added that “most Chileans know that Minister Jackson is the face of corruption in our country”.

In later news it was reported that the congress would drop the constitutional accusation against Jackson since he has resigned.

La Tercera (news in Spanish)

Money mess: Map of the 53 foundations investigated by the Public Prosecutor’s Office in 11 regions of the country

The Public Prosecutor’s Office has opened 23 cases to investigate the transfers made by public agencies to foundations. So far, the resources involved in these transfers amount to CLP32,156,274,081 [about US$39 million] .

Jackson was a true representative of this government, whose errors are much more than simple incompetence and corruption; its actions and inaction serves to foment the discontent that they will use to justify their “Revolution”, when the time is ripe. But they shot themselves in the foot by their actions, Chileans have been scandalized by the sheer level of corruption revealed.

At least the Chilean body politic seems to have started to generate the antibodies needed to counter this commie infection. Bit late, though.

Auto-coup as the ultimate last chance to stop the growing opposition? What is going through Tellier’s mind these days to have come so so soooo far and have it slip away after hubristic and arrogant missteps while age catches up with the man (just checked, he turns 80 this year on October 29!!) in his somber thoughts of his legacy.

Not sure we can count on that “Chilean body politic.” A third or more of this country is functionally bipolar.

One minute they are burning the metro stations and the supermarkets and electing the merluzo Boric, the next minute wildly rejecting the first ill-conceived constitutional rewrite and electing a bank of right-wing constitutional representatives dedicated to stymie the foolishness of any second attempt. How long can the ephemeral swing to better sense prevail? Judging by Chile’s history, no longer than it takes to finish off a box of Gato Negro.

This country, this populace, is simply unreliable and unstable, a body forged in viveza criolla and in need of medication and adult supervision, a nation that will never reach escape velocity to defeat the immense gravity of its self-defeating Latin American and Third World essence.

With both Izkia and Jackson gone, who is the new hands-on controller of Burric?

Izkia Siches was one of Schwab’s Global Young Leaders before she got booted.

Jackson is a Soros man, now also booted.

Jackson will not go easily. He is already taking up legal action against those accusing him of orchestrating the Convenios corruption. And as BFF to the merluzo Boric, he will be just as active and dangerous as ever.

Jackson is something of a kingmaker, in part responsible for the organization of the successful election of Boric and for some of the other filth of that coalition. When Jackson reaches the right age and restoration in the eyes of his faithful, he will no doubt be back in the saddle, probably in the congress. Though I hear that Colombian assassins can be hired cheaply in Latin America these days.

Yes, I thought the same. Carolinia Tohá is a classic example of that.

Aww, don’t be so hard on Chile. I think, or at least hope that the pendulum is swinging back the other way, with lessons learned…as elsewhere there is a “silent majority” that has never gone along with the extremes of the past few years.

So many articles about him, and never anything solid or concrete with evidence about anything he did?

What did Jackson do wrong? What is the one worst thing he did?

Not something that happened in his department, but something he himself did.

Posted August 12.


I would argue the contrary, that while Teillier never achieved the ultimate ambition, a commie state, under his leadership the party is now closer to taking power than at any time since the Allende debacle.

It has successfully penetrated the government, with ministers in key areas of the administration, pretty good going for a party that never gets more than a minority vote.

And despite Teilliers demise…
la lucha

We will soon see if comandante Vallejo is up to the completion task.

In fact, she has a good excuse now to step down from Burric’s cabinet and sort of disappear to operate behind the scenes like grandpa Tellier.

To know her is not to love her, or at least that’s what the latest CADEM shows. But maybe the commies see her differently…

Queremos invitarte a ser parte de una cena de fraternidad con nuestro compañero
Giorgio Jackson, quien desde el movimiento estudiantil, el parlamento y el gobierno, ha sido fundamental para la construcción de proyectos de cambio para Chile.

Gracias Giorgio

Still nothing concrete against Jackson.

Thinking about this a bit more, there were three of them: Boric, Vallejo and Jackson.

Boric perhaps doesn´t have the popularity to be President again - maybe in 20 years with generational changes in the electorate? But probably not in 2029. And certainly not in 2025 since of course he can´t run.

Vallejo can´t be President either probably, because Chile doesn´t want a communist President.

That left Jackson. So perhaps the right went after him with smears and so on to try and stop him being a future candidate.

After all, it seems silly to say this now, but 2 years ago he was a big deal and it wasn´t impossible to imagine him as the next Presidential candidate of Boric´s bloc.

But the right and others have thrown so much sh1t at him that some of it has stuck. I think the average person just sees controversy swirling around Jackson and that affected his popularity. It´s hard to see how he can get that back.

So that leaves quite a hole ahead of the next Presidential election. Who is the obvious candidate for the left?

Was Jackson guilty of anything in your estimation or he only has arrived at this regrettable state he is in because of the right spreading lies about him?

Thank God Chileans are meek by nature because in other parts the inaction to molasses action of the judiciary and purposeful laziness of the legislature would already have been solved by pitchforks given the degree of corruption.

The charges against Jackson are indeed en tramite, so just wait, damn…this must be Schiiiiile…

Frankly speaking, I am still confused about whether Jackson is guilty of anything. I have read several articles to try and figure it out and even googled it to figure it out and all the articles are so vague. Or just discuss the latest developments rather than the broader picture.

I suspect he is probably not guilty of having himself directly done anything very bad, or that if he does something bad it wasn´t that bad, or that he is only guilty of allowing other people in his department to do something bad.

But I could be wrong!

I also think his having to resign for apparently very little should make us glad we don´t live in any number of far more corrupt countries such as Russia, Ukraine, middle East, African countries, other Latin American countries. Even countries such as UK, US, Italy seem to have a bit less corrupt politicians than Chile. The people of Chile don´t know how (relatively) lucky they are.

I´d like to see a good summary of the whole thing written in English preferably as I have good Spanish but I think it might help me in this case.

You won’t find one.
A lengthy article could be written just on that silence. The progressive foreign press usually avert their eyes when their idols are shown to have feet of clay. That’s assuming they even understood the issues at stake in the first place…

But in short, he went before he was pushed out, as the threatened parliamentary AC had a good chance of succeeding. This way, he lives to fight another day…

His downfall, and that of the party that he and Boric founded, Revolución Democrática, sometimes unkindly referred to as Robolución Democrática has only resulted in the strengthening of communist party power within the government.

There are plenty of analyses in Castellano. Just a few:

I was thinking, what is the role of the banking system in all of this? If you have 23 year olds hardly out of uni with a social science title depositing millions of pesos at a time and then using the funds for investments and high-end goods, aren’t the banks supposed to question the origin of the funds and at least do half-assed verification of the clients answers? If there is any evidence of what happened to the hundreds of millions of pesos, wouldn’t the closed Chile banking system be the place to start turning over stones?

Now that Sept 11, 18-19 are out of the way, it’s time to start finding answers. But uhhhohhh, October 18 looms in the short distance away…

As in the pacogate scandal, sometimes they do.

But since the whole system here has become politicized, its probable that even if the banks do report suspicious activity, the entities supposedly charged with supervision turn a blind eye when amigos politicos are involved. That was certainly the case in the latest fundaciones scandal, as detailed recently here by Tomas Mosciatti, who then goes on to expose many more scandals at all levels of government.


The title of Mosciatti´s piece refers to a privateer license to loot and plunder, the “booty” here being the money that the State extracts from the hapless populace in the form of taxes.

And these f******s have just tripled my property Contribuciones, pushing us ever-closer to insolvency… :rage: