Chile, Land of Kidnapping

Media stories related to sharp recent increases in kidnapping in Chile and links to Venezuelan and Colombian criminals as Chile reverts to being Just Another Latin American Country. Ministress Toha her usual bumbling and incompetent self. Foreigners are not exempt from becoming victims.

Loose translation of headline:

Concern grows in Chile over kidnapping spree: fear of copycat effect

Reports of extortive kidnappings have been growing since 2017, with largest increase recorded between 2021 and 2022, when number of cases went from 492 to 826 - an increase of nearly 62%. Harsh criticism of minister Toha who acknowledged payments for the release of a kidnapped businessman.


Crece la preocupación en Chile por la ola de secuestros: temen el efecto imitación - Infobae

Other stories

And this one:

Three kidnappings with extortion in less than a week a milestone in Chilean crime rate

An attempted kidnapping with the added twist that the perp was the subject of a controversial presidential pardon by Boric for his role in the estallido.
Chickens coming home to roost…

Yes hoping there is some blowback for these reckless pardons. Rightly so alot of people are upset with Boric.

Imagine driving around with someone in your trunk…anyone willing to do that left the reservation of law and order a long time ago.

I perceive the need for a Pinochet v.2

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Holy Shit! Ultra Extreme Facho RAP. :exploding_head:

Remember, it is the extreme Pino supporters who are also voting ‚ÄúA Contra‚ÄĚ this 17th together with the extreme left communists and socialists.

Kidnappers go for ‚Äúknown knowns‚ÄĚ, small business owners and the like.
Gringos are mostly unknowns, with the added complication of Consular intervention if something happens to them while in Chile.

This brings added pressure from the PDI, as Chileans hate outside awareness of how f’ed up this country now is.