Chile elite swat team humilated at UAE swat "olympics"

Chile, in the interest of equity and wokeness, was the only country to send an all female elite SWAT team to the UAE for SWAT “Olympics” and annual challenge in Dubai which lets elite police forces a chance to measure their skills and get awards

Unfortunately for Chile, it was humiliated by the team they sent

The all women group, hand picked from a variety of police departments, were quickly defeated by the competition’s obstacle course. Specifically, the zip line and the pool…now we know why crime is on the rise in chile. Criminals are using zip lines :rofl:


This week of decline, humiliation, destruction and death has been a whopper.

I dread what might happen in the next month.

We are fucked.

Those Chilenas must have had former UK PM Boris Johnson coaching them for the zip-line section…

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Well, we must remember that even on a good day, PDI is the laughingstock of the law enforcement world. Add to its Keystone Cops nature the present Boric government Wokeismo attempts and both Chile and its PDI are seen internationally as just silly and incompetent .

That even disorganized crime is taking over Chile is no surprise, given the deliberate failures of the so-called security agencies and the political hobbling of their efforts.

Several years ago I visited a new frontier control facility that was under construction near the line with Bolivia in a remote area. The caretaker explained that the building had been designed so that the quarters for the PDI personnel, and the Carabineros who would work at the site, were separated as far as possible in the complex, because the two groups detested one another.

In another event I needed a salvoconducto from a PDI office. The staff had no idea what I was talking about. I had to explain it to them. Eventually they had to get on the internet and learn a bit about it. When they finally prepared the required document, it was done illegally, but since their errors were in my favor and they had their stamp and scent on it, I didn’t say anything.

Chile has become a joke on the international stage, only saved by having comparably incompetent Third World neighbors failing in other ways.

I’m sure that someone at MINREL, the Ministerio del Interior y Seguridad Pública, and other Chilean agencies occasionally read our comments and that there is no interest whatsoever in addressing these deficiencies.

I never even heard of this salvo conducto nonsense since the pandemic. Shocked to see them still using this term post-pandemic