Bringing Bottles of Wine to Chile from U.S

How many bottles of wine am I allowed to bring to Chile from the U.S.? Naturally, the answer is not listed on various government websites, including SAG and Aduana. I am simply finding info on importing wines for commercial business.

I believe you will need an agent if it is over US $3000 doesn’t matter the type of product.

Have no idea about the extra laws that may apply to alcoholic beverages.

And the purchase paperwork will have to comply with what SII wants in regards to IVA, etc.

They are from my personal collection. There are no receipts anymore.

You are allowed, under most circumstances, to bring not more than 2.5 liters of “alcoholic beverages” in personal luggage when crossing a frontier into Chile.

This is an Aduanas issue rather than a SAG matter though the SAG representative may be involved.

It is expressed in this manner:

c. Hasta una cantidad que no exceda, por persona adulta, de 400 unidades de cigarrillos, 500 gramos de tabaco de pipa; 50 unidades de puros y 2.500 centĂ­metros cĂşbicos de bebidas alcohĂłlicas.

Fuente: Aduanas de Chile

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Looks like your collection way exceeds the personal use exemption and thus you will have to consult with a Chile customs agent on how to import wines into Chile. Will need pre-approvals from the relevant agencies and the establishment of CIF values for aduanas and other fees and to legally sell the product once you get it inside Chile.

Thanks all. I’d rather drink my bottles all in one sitting than give un centavo to pay duty tax.

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