Chile abandoning vineyards as sales decline

I am in the industry and can say that there is indeed oceans of wine that they just simply cannot get out the door. I am doing my best to help out by consuming it!

Feel free to post liquidation links. :wine_glass:

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We do our part too in this household.

Interestingly, I used to do market research and one of the sectors I covered was alcoholic beverages, including wine. My manager and I had an article on the Chilean wine industry published in that magazine quite a few years ago.

If I still were in that job, I’d probably be asking you for a trade interview, Curtez. :laughing:

EEUU, you may want to check out the saldos de exportación on Santa Rita’s website. We’ve found some interesting deals there.

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Do these poor abandoned vineyards need livin care takers? :innocent:

But, but…:roll_eyes: