Be careful in a "small" country

Chile has a lot of territory with most hardly populated but it is “small” in the sense of population.

Like in, be careful what you say or do.

For example, if you have seen today’s explosion in Chile TV and social media of the filmed incident where a motorcyclist used a chain to damage the windshield of an auto he was pissed off at, let me tell you a story.

I am part of a WhatsApp group for vendors on MercadoLibre Chile. Yesterday afternoon, the lady driver of that car who also happens to be a frequent poster on that group began telling her story and posted the video. In no time, with the help of group members, they worked out the license plate number, the official owner of the motorcycle, the address of the owner, determined the driver of the moto was the owner’s son (a gift of cuico dad to son), his name and RUT, etc. with some posters actually calling them to feel them out. A few hours later that evening/night, this lady had already contacted La Red for an agreed morning interview and by the afternoon, psycho cuico joven’s life had been radically altered as it spread to the other news channels and was heavily shared on social media.

So remember, Chile is a “small” country, do be conscious of that fact.

All very true, its hard to hide in Chile, in fact this “connectedness” goes back at least a couple of hundred years.

I wish I could say that that kind of malevolence is a local phenomenon, but it seems to be on the up and up everywhere.
Hope this animal gets what he deserves.

Here’s how Radio BioBio reported that incident.

What’s the saying eeuu…Pueblo Chico, Infierno Grande

This advice applies to any country no matter how big or small. The world is incredibly small in general.

I came to Chile as an English teacher and wound up meeting a guy at the same institute who had studied in the engineering faculty of the same university 17 years after we were there. He was a year behind me and we’d never met until then.

A year later, one of his university friends was touring Chile with his dad and my friend invited me around to hang out with them. Turned out his mate was my project partner in one of my post-grad courses!

And all this two degrees of separation happened WITHOUT the internet and social media…