Another Storm in a Winter of Discontent

Southern Chile residents, who as part of decontamination plans were obliged to swap their wood-burning stoves for pellet burners, face fuel shortages. Supplies are being rationed due to a scarcity of raw material caused by the violence in the Macrozona Sur, as well as the difficult economic outlook affecting all Chilean industries.

It is like everything is falling apart in slow motion.

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My SiL, (who was going to bed at 5pm because he couldn’t heat his house) tells me that the Pellet shortage continues to date.

Households who reverted to wood stoves to heat their homes are fined if they are caught emitting smoke on days when the air quality is poor.

Going to bed early to save on heating is extremely common in Chile in my experience and not just recently but people have been doing it for a long time.

It is not just very poor people that do it.

There are also plenty of people with decent cars and smart phones that do it, they chose to have a car and a smart phone rather than a hot house.

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This is sad. Its like climate stockholm syndrome.

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Maybe. But 5pm is a bit too early. That’s not economy, its survival tactics.

Let’s blame Putin. Seems to be the bandwagon excuse these days.

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The great reset is happening in most cuntries of the world, some buy into it more than others. Canada became a tyranny almost overnight.

Nah weon, it was Pinoshe and his Constitution together with the the sapos y pakhos escondidos of this forum.

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