Hotels are empty


Reduced spending on items like Vacations and Restaurants is another sign that there is less spare cash in the economy. In other words, Chileans can’t afford these luxuries any more. But many still refuse to see the correlation between the ever-increasing costs involved in providing those services, and the prices they end up paying.

El peor verano de Pucón Sector turismo aborda baja de visitantes y mira con optimismo el peak de febrero

Reduced consumer spending is why the government collected 9% less IVA last year, a trend that looks to continue. Which is why they desperately want to get their hands on that AFP cash mountain in order to continue to mismanage the country.

I cannot understand why tourism “statistics” have always been wildly inflated, bearing little relation to reality. Even this article understates the true extent of the situation. Visitors are staying away in droves, even from the competencia desleal of informal rentals.

Yeah amazingly empty even on the usually mobbed central coast. Walked the main peatonal along the waterfront last Wednesday and very empty for this time period.

Local news reports that there were more illegal street vendors than tourists in the streets of San Antonio for the month of January.

Really? :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

…Por otra parte, recordó que “el turismo de catástrofe no es turismo genuino”