Administrators complain about advertising that says that gastos comunes are theft

Very well, so in reality the gastos comunes are NOT theft.

“Remuneraciones {a conserje}” (and this is just one of the 12 conserjes…) $852.000

“Reemplazo Auxiliar de aseo” (for 1 month only…) $830.000

“Artículos de Aseo y Limpieza” $336.813 (for 1 month only…)

“Aguinaldo” $489.000

“Ropa Personal” $128.000

OK, tell you what, and this is just one of their tens of thousands of tricks:

They install in each of the 3 elevators in our building a very good TV (so huge is the screen that they have to rotate it 90 degrees)… and for what purpose?.. for a VERY important thingy, this is to display the last page that is attached to the monthly gastos comunes PDF. Showing indeed valuable and enlightening info (like, there is a fine for not paying gastos comunes on time)… in two weeks the TV screens are broken… one by one… in three weeks what remains of them is gone…

I can tell you many similar stories… but the gastos comunes are by no means theft!

In our complex, over the 18 years we’ve been in this edificio (minus a couple years moving out to another one before moving back in) two administrators STOLE the gastos comunes funds which by themselves are by no means theft!

We had a similar problem. When we first moved to this house, we had this sketchy administrator. She just stopped sending the gastos comunes notices. We kept paying a bit more than the last bill we received to avoid any problems.

Later, she accused us of not paying. Fortunately, I had all the receipts from the transfers. In the end, we had overpaid somewhat. But, we never got a response about that. She was fired and the next administrator had to ask us and various other neighbors for the receipts again to try and straighten it out. Again, we never got any compensation for overpaying, but at least we weren’t accused of not paying by her.

She was also behind on the utility bills for the common areas and we had to pay an extra assessment to get those up to date when the new administrator took over.