Punishment for the victims

The owner of a Santiago pub repainted the exterior to remove the graffiti. For his efforts, he was rewarded with a CLP $7.000.000 municipal fine for not obtaining a permit in advance.

“grafitear la ciudad es gratis e impune. Limpiar grafitis lleva multa y sanción”

(Pic includes a Twitter resentida expressing pleasure with that fine).

What’s got into these people?

The Twatter Mob

Living in a Zona Tipica, I had a similar problem some years ago. While repainting our facade, a 3inch wide Cornisa was highlighted in a very pale blue. Within hours, we had a municipal inspector at the door with a notification to repaint it using an approved color, or get fined.
That was the last time I bothered painting.

Christ, that’s dumb.