Contribuciones (property tax) this year

We kept checking to see our tax assessment on the SII page this year. Usually it shows up in early April. It never did. Finally, my husband went to the local office today. With the recalculations it turns out the tax valuation of the property is just 3 million under the limit where we have to pay. So, we owe zero pesos. I have heard a lot of people had theirs increase a lot this year.

I’m curious about others here that own property. How did your contribuciones change this year?

23% increase. They did their country-wide 4-year reevaluation this year.

I read that Plaza Italia residents were furious that their property taxes were hiked, despite living in a war zone for the last couple of years.

So, it’s every four years? Thanks for the information. I wasn’t sure, since we only bought at the end of 2018. Sorry to hear yours got raised. We were expecting that, but somehow were just under the wire.

I could understand that people in Plaza Italia would be annoyed. At the same time, even before October 2019 there were always protests and crap going on there. It’s not like people went into the situation completely blind. The only time I took a job for a Chilean company for a while, I had a horrible boss. She owns an apartment about a block from ground zero. When she would whine about the protests, I could not muster up any sympathy for her.

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