10% Tip for Takeaways

In the past 10% tip was only for table service in Chile but this year I am (in Talagante/Santiago) seeing a lot of fast food, takeaways (not talking about delivery) and food service places and other places asking the question about the 10% tip now when you pay, even without table service or delivery. Are others seeing this? It annoys me and I refuse, but then I have created a bad vibe between them that is unpleasant and makes me not want to go back there. It will feel different if it becomes common practice and you´re expecting it in advance, but for now it feels like a rip off that they are charging you a few thousand extra that you have to pay to avoid unpleasantness. Those that are being cheeky get more money, which I don´t like. If they want to increase their prices 10% fine (ideally give the workers more salary) but this annoys me.

Relevant story:

I haven’t experienced this so far. We’ve gotten takeout a few times recently, pizza/Peruvian, and no one has asked.

I am late to the party on this one but yes, it is sometimes asked for (a tip) for comida para llevar or as they sometimes stupidly call it, delivery.

I also refuse it, but in my most charming manner, and so far as I can tell, there are no hard feelings at the places I frequent.

In a parallel item, I usually pay by credit or debit card and refuse the automatic tip while conspicuously dripping some coins into the tip-jar. Again, with all due friendly charm. That satisfies the tip issue and rids me of those worthless extra coins. YMMV.