Zen and the art of residential land development

Curauma is the name of a locality in our (Valparaíso) commune, it is located at about kilometer 95 of the ruta 68. The really huge (formerly) forest area, that featured tens of kilometers of natural trails. For me it was indeed a great place to hike.

It is being developed in a really smart way, where firstly a several hectare lot is cleaned of the forest, then a condo is built, and next these new “homes located on the edge of the forest” are sold…

Casas bosque real curauma, propiedades bosques curauma, condominio bosque de curauma…

And as sold out, immediately, the next adjacent lot is cleaned of the forest (on the edge of which the earlier homes were located), and so on, again and again, yet the next condo “homes located on the edge of the forest” are advertised for sale.

Of course, this sort of thing is going worldwide and not only here, but it is especially painful to see when the very last local piece of land where one can (could) walk and breath relatively freely is going to… where we are all going to go, sooner or later.

This living in a “natural” setting is pernicious marketing bs.
People that buy into it ignore that:
(a)they are destroying the very environment they claim to care for, and
(b) by settling in areas where they oughtn’t, they risk exposure to natural disasters like tsunamis, or ones caused by human activity, like forest fires.

Also, its an artificial way of life that can only be sustained by intensive vehicle use. Entorno natural, my ass.