30 Days with Home Air Filter

I bought an air filter last month. Here is what it looks like after 30 days. (Santiago) Will take another picture next month.

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After moving out of Santiago, I can’t breathe the air there any more. When I have to set foot in the city, my lungs start to bother me almost immediately.


Reason I moved to the coast in 2006.

And yes, my lungs and eyes immediately notice the difference when I visit Santiasco.


What kind of home air filter did you get? Ive been thinking of this too, but not because of city air. Im in the campo but for long stretches of rain/humidity figured it might help to clean the indoor air and keep it a bit fresher.

I have seen nice HEPA filter units online but not in local stores.

Very interested to see the progression on your filters. We lasted only 3’sh weeks in providencia before we shot south like a rocket.
My wife and at the time 2 year olds couldnt sleep becasue they were coughing all night
I dont know how people live like that. It seems inhumane even if you do eventually adapt to some degrew

Government needs to ban or heavily tax new petrol and diesel vehicles, shut down coal fired power plants, and regulate heavy industry to get this sorted

This would also be beneficial from a climate change standpoint as well as clean air

At an individual level, electrify heating, own an electric vehicle or no vehicle, and vote left wing

Market forces are already in place that may greatly reduce the problem in 30 - 40 years. Strong government actions could in theory lead to a big reduction in 10 - 20 years

During my five years in rural Araucania some 60km inland (to the East) from Temuco this sort of cold/rain/humidity almost ruined my lungs, and of course no air filter could resolve this. The unexpected cure was, magically, only one month spent in a parcela near Algarrobo, about 3km inland (so there was lots of pine/eucalyptus). The outcome was favorable and fantastic – just breathing the air in this small pine / eucalyptus “forest” has completely healed me. A similar place to walk and breathe is here, near Valpo (I mean Curauma) but this will be unavoidably destroyed soon by the multitude of developers – the construction companies are too many.

I can understand. The housing quality in general is a problem. We know a family that thought they had seasonal allergies but then they went on a trip and the allergies went away.

Turned out a mildew/mold issue in the house. Scary. Sometimes its not obvious. Real issue with a house that uses woodstove and only part of the house ever really gets warm and dried out. The rest of the house is abandoned to the cold and avoided except for sleep. Radiators throughout the house with central heating can help so much but of course more spensive than a single woodstove and wood.

In exchange for the humidity battle…we have more than enough rain. Too much. I read stories about santiago and much of the world freaking out about not enough water. Water security in hundreds of countries at risk.

But here…its like paralell universe. Im constantly managing water build up. Spent hours yesterday cleaning out gutters in pouring rain. In fact its been raining for pretty much 2 days straight which is completely typical for winter.

But oh the spring summer and fall are just amazingly beautiful and idyllic nature wise

We picked this one up during a Cyber Day offer:

It has been working like a dream (so far). Doesn’t do anything in regards to the humidity however. The dehumidifiers are expensive.