WTF moment LinkedIn

I have not updated my profile in years, nothing about politics or military affairs in there though my online views can be found if one is so determined but I have been quite inactive on those fora as compared to past years. But out of the blue:


:rofl: That is strange!

My husband was not raised by his biological family, but by his godmother. She died when he was in his late teens and he doesn’t have a lot of contact with the rest of the family these days. We did run into one family member at Jumbo back when we were living in La Reina.

I really don’t use my account. It’s not even updated. However, for the work I am doing now, I sometimes have to use LinkedIn to see how businesses are using the platform. Anyways, a little while back I had a suggestion of someone from my husband’s godmother’s family. My husband is not connected with me or this person on LinkedIn. The account looked like it was almost created by LinkedIn itself, no picture, just his name and one school. My husband said the guy must be in his 80s by now and probably has no need to be on LinkedIn. Strange.

I received another email yesterday on hits to my profile and the NATO hits have disappeared. Strange indeed!

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