Warning : All electronic payments, sales and Internet derived income from hits/followers, etc

If one has not been paying attention and thinks Chile is still a wild west “mercado libre” of sorts.

Take heed, since before last year, the SII has been cracking down on the e-commerce sector. MercadoLibre and all other Internet vendors with electronic payments (MercadoPago in the case of MercadoLibre) can and have submitted all sales information to the tax authority which has actively gone after many informal vendors resulting in huge crushing fines along with the back taxes.

This also applies to anyone using those handheld payment devices (Transbank, etc.) so not only Internet stuff.

But the dragnet is expanding to anyone obviously making money online.

A famous Chilean millennial influencer, Naya Facil, just got hit with 50 palos from SII.

Of course, let’s not talk about all the many hundreds of millions disappearing in corruption and pitutoism right under our noses in the past year+ from the public sector.

A commie/socialist nepotistic government as this has an insatiable thirst for funds so expect the dragnet to continue till the meek Chileans revolt.

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Registered business have no option if they want to use electronic payments. For at least 10 years now, all Debit and Credit Card payment info through Transbank is forwarded to the SII, who can easily check if these payments have been declared.

There are other online payment services which, until recently flew under the radar, like this one.
But the SII caught them.

De acuerdo a datos del SII, el universo estimado de contribuyentes usuarios de SumUp es de 284.772, de los que más de 80 mil presentan algún tipo de incumplimiento de sus obligaciones tributarias de registro, declaración y pago.

De ese total, el 20,6% (58.795 contribuyentes) corresponde a comercio informal, es decir, contribuyentes que utilizan el terminal como medio de pago, pero que no están inscritos con inicio de actividades en el SII y que estarían evadiendo un débito de IVA de $46.165 millones

Since IVA is one of the main taxes in Chile, and despite the corruption and abuse, its how the government funds the social services that Chileans demand, but don’t want to pay for.

For legit business, saddled with a multitude of rules and regulations, the unfair competition of the black economy is a serious disincentive that hurts them. But populist sentiment refuses to accept that taxes are a necessary evil.
Que paguen los ricos

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