Violent attempted robbery in the UK

What would have been the outcome if this had happened in Chile?
(The assailant only had a replica gun)

Police have hailed a shop worker as a hero after he tackled a “desperate and dangerous” gun-wielding man who had been on a robbery spree.

Marlon Stewart had threatened six people and stolen a car when Niall Stranix, 61, tackled him as he demanded money in a One Stop store in Leeds.

Stewart, 37, was jailed for 10 years and four months with an extended licence period of five years.

The guy that attacked the robber would have probably ended up being the one arrested here.

Knowing that criminals here carry real guns (plus knives), and don’t hesitate to use them, the shop assistant wouldn’t have put up a fight. Even so, he might have still got shot just for the hell of it.
And since only around 40% of homicides result in a conviction, the chances are that the assailant would have got away scot-free.

The real news story here is that a firearm exists in the UK…