No news is good news - except when it isn't

Here’s something that won’t be reported in the press. The situation in the Araucanía is frankly intolerable, but the media mostly ignore the daily events that occur there.
Just got this report from a family member whose son is a Carabinero in Temuco:

Last night, he was part of a patrol called out to a rural property after a reported break-in. When they got there, this turned out to be false. It was an ambush attempt by the local terrorists, who blocked both exit roads by felling trees.

Driving back in retreat from the roadblocks, they managed to find a path that eventually led to another road, allowing them to escape. They were driving an unarmoured regular patrol car and the only weapons they had were their regular service pistols.

He counts himself lucky to be still alive.

Uff. No bueno.

If the Carabineros are cruising around still with only sidearms, it is pretty much a suicide mission. Why they are not rolling around with at least an M4 (or whatever) is beyond me.