Terrible Customer Service - CGE

One recent issue seen in Chile is that while complaints of all sorts are aired at great length, nobody seems willing do anything to fix them. This state of affairs extends right down to the bottom of society, where I reside.

Last friday, CGE, our Chinese-owned electricity supplier, had a scheduled power cut that lasted from 10am to 3 pm. To protect our equipment, I disconnected the power at the main breaker ahead of time.
But when the power was restored in our sector, our property remained dead, no electricity.

I called the CGE emergency line at 4 pm; they promised to send a squad at 2am on Saturday.
They didn’t come. At 4 am, in frustration, I toggled the main breaker several times, and the power came on. There is obviously an intermittency inside the meter, either with the breaker contacts, or with the wiring.

On Saturday morning, reported the situation to CGE, this time, they informed that a Technician would be sent before 5pm. But he never showed up.

After another call, this time they advised a squad would arrive Saturday midnight No sign of them either.

This morning, Sunday 10 am, received an automated message (one of many) informing a time to repair of 6 hours. But have my doubts anyone will turn up.

If I hadn’t jiggled the breaker, we would have been without electricity for two days now since 10am on Friday morning. As it is, if the main breaker is operated again, we could lose power until the fault is repaired.
Even if they do show up and fix the problem, I intend to file a complaint with the SEC about the situation. Even a local CGE rep, contacted through Whatsapp admitted getting no response from the so-called “Emergency Service”.

Update: They didn’t come this Sunday afternoon either.

Its clear that CGE’s emergency service doesn’t function weekends. On four opportunities contacted their Call Centre (which seems to be located on some distant Caribbean Island) receiving the flimsiest of excuses for the four no-shows. Finally this Monday morning got a call from a subcontractor who promised to come today.

When even basic services don’t work reliably any more, how can Chile present itself as a technologically advancing nation?

Glad we don’t have CGE as our provider. I notice that nearby Melipilla and parts of Santiago that unfortunately are under their control always have programmed and unprogrammed interruptions.

The subcontractor finally arrived at midday, and replaced the breaker in the meter. One of its conductors was blackened so I suspect that was the real problem, a bad/loose contact.

If I hadn’t jiggled the breaker early Saturday am, which at least temporarily restored power, we would have been without electricity from last Friday until today Monday. Hopeless.

Yeah. We have them here and have had 3 long power cuts since the rainy season started. One was four hours when it was completely dry and sunny.

When I lived in Santiago, Movistar once lied and said they had come to my house to provide service three times and no one was home. There had been someone home every day. At least we’ve had GTD for internet for five years (has it been that long?) and the one time we had a problem that needed a tech to come to the house and he came the same afternoon. At least they’ve been good . . . so far!